Chapter 9. Restore

Table of Contents
9.1. Overview
9.2. Tips and Tricks

9.1. Overview

I hope you don't have to restore from scratch very often. It's nerve-wracking until you realize that Mondo's restore engine is very reliable.

If you find that you cannot make your PC boot from the CD, take heart: the first backup media of each set contains disk images to give you the same functionality as this media (minus the archives, of course) on other boot media. Remember, your Mondo CD is a fully functional CD-based mini-distribution as well as a recovery CD.

You can choose from the following modes:


Restore step-by-step, or restore a subset of the archives. This is the method you should mainly use for your recovery needs.


Wipe your drives and restore everything, automatically and unattended. Warning: This does exactly what is says, so be careful using it.


Boot to a shell prompt. If you want to do anything creative, you should boot into Expert Mode. It's called expert, I think that says it all.

If the CD is not found during the initial restore CD boot attempt, reboot the PC a second time prior to reporting failure. Occasional timing errors and hardware/software/system conflicts do occur.