Chapter 10. FAQ

Table of Contents
10.1. Overview
10.2. General Questions
10.3. Booting and Kernel related Questions
10.4. Installation related Questions
10.5. Hardware related Questions
10.6. Backup related Questions
10.7. Compare related Questions
10.8. Restore related Questions

10.1. Overview

Are the errors from Mindi or Mondo? Look at /var/log/mondoarchive.log or /var/log/mindi.log (if run alone). Pipe screen errors which relate to the creation of boot disk(s) and or data disk(s) to a text file.

See the MondoRescue for details. If you are going to e-mail mondorescue mailing list then please attach that text file (zipped!) and give :

Mondo is freely available under the GPL and you are given it for no charge. When you e-mail the mondorescue mailing list, please bear that in mind.