Chapter 6. Backup

Table of Contents
6.1. Recommendations
6.2. Backup Commands and Options

6.1. Recommendations

bash# mondoarchive

For most users, that should be enough. :-) Mondoarchive will usually autodetect your hardware and configure it for you.

If you are a power user (or you like to control every detail of how Mondo runs) then you may want to look at the command-line switches. For example:-

bash# mondoarchive -Ow9 -gF -I /home

cdrecord or wodim will tell you where your CD recorder lives, in SCSI terms, which looks like '0,0,0'. The previous call to mondoarchive tells Mondo to backup everything to a 4x CD-RW drive that has a CD-RW disk in it. (Use -Oc instead of -Ow if you are using CD-R.)

Please put the first CD-R(W) in the drive now. You will be prompted to insert CD #2 but you will not be prompted to insert the first disk. However, if you forget, do not worry: if Mondo fails to write the first (or any) disk, it will offer to retry, abort or fail.

Find the speed/compression compromise that best suits your needs. Here maximum (-9) compression level is used.

If you are using cron then please consult the chapter that Conor Daly has dedicated to that topic